Introducing TURTLE Loom™ “fine sett”

20180912_153132_resized-crNo more rumors, it’s here! The new TURTLE Loom™ “fine sett” expands the list of yarns that you can use to weave hexagons. Grab your sock yarn!

Without changes to the weaving method the TURTLE Loom™ “fine sett” is designed for yarn weight 1 – 2, enabling you to create a light fabric with fingering, baby, or sport yarns.

Finally a great way to have fun with a purpose and put precious sock yarn stash to good use!

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The following chart provides a comparison of the new TURTLE Loom™ “fine sett” to the original TURTLE Loom™, which is the same in size (about 4″):

  Original TURTLE Loom™ TURTLE Loom™ “fine sett”
Loom and resulting woven hexagon 20180903_160556_resized-cr 20180903_160547_resized-cr
Pins Color coded.

Start weaving at white pins.

Switch to back-and-forth weaving after black corner pins.


Start weaving at “X” pins.

Switch to back-and-forth weaving after “O” corner pins.

Yarn usage 6 yards, Weight 4 – 5 7.7 yards, Weight 1 – 2
Wraps 5 and to the top 7 1/2
Number of “Warps” 23 31
Number of “Wefts” 37 53
Ends per inch (EPI) about 7 about 9

20180912_153132_resized-crSo that you can get started right away with an easy first project, we made a little hexagon sachet and lavender puffs. You can find the free instructions on Ravelry: “Sachet and Lavender Puffs”.

Watch our launch video which shows you the loom, how it is different from other TURTLE looms, and we sample a few yarns so that you can see how they weave up on the new loom. And of course we show the sachet and the lavender puffs.


TURTLE Loom™ “fine sett” Highlights

  • No changes to the weaving method.
  • Use weight 1-2 fingering/sock/baby/sport yarns.
  • Great way to use sock projects leftovers, one hexagon requires less than 8 yards of yarn.
  • Make many of the existing 4″ TURTLE projects.
  • Make projects that combine hexagons that are made on the original TURTLE Loom™ with hexagons that are made on the new TURTLE Loom™ “fine sett”.

Happy weaving!


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