Introducing Book Pals: Meet “Mouse”

We are starting a new series with stuffed pals that you can weave, to go along with popular children’s books. 

Several weeks ago fellow weaver Carolien and I were chatting about Christmas presents, to keep them a secret, and to be “quiet as a mouse” about it. A few days later, while I was having my morning coffee and cookie, working on some project plans for 2019, Carolien surprised me with this:


Probably given the circumstances, the mouse instantly reminded me of one of my children’s favorite books “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond. And one of the projects I have planned for 2019 is to do a series of stuffed figures to go along with a selection of popular children’s books

“The rest is history”, as the saying goes, when I asked Carolien to team up on the idea and start the series early.


Mice are known to multiply quickly, and so did our project ideas! The bookmark and pretend-play mouse quickly were joined by a cuddle pillow with cookie pouch, and also a stuffed mouse version. So, at this point you have three versions of “mouse” that you can adjust towards your needs for younger or older children, and of course the color choices are completely yours.

“Mouse” goes very well with other books, too. One of my other favorites – and very seasonal right now – is the book “Frederick” by Leo Lionni.

20180924_180618_resized_1-crOr you may enjoy just the mouse, without any books, just not without the cookie.

CLICK HERE to download the free patterns for “Mouse”.


Happy weaving, reading, and cuddling!

20180923_183713_resized   And Happy Birthday, Esther!

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