Scarecrow Gnome


Even Central Texas now has seen a few crisp mornings, so it is safe to say that autumn is here. Time for a Scarecrow Gnome!

20180930_151839_resized-crScarecrow Gnome is not really scary, but at least it comes with a crow. We used “I Love This Cotton” for this project, because this cotton comes in a large variety of beautiful fall colors.

Patched up and the (raffia) stuffing still coming out in places, Scarecrow Gnome enjoys the company of Crow. Crow is made of just one hexagon and two BabyTURTLE™ “feet”. We used shiny blue vintage buttons to add emphasis to Crow’s eyes.

All regular hexagon looms are on board for this project, from the 1″ BabyTURTLE™ (Crow feet and Gnome’s hat patch) over to the 2″ TinyTURTLE™ (Gnome nose and feet), the 4″ original TURTLE Loom™ (Gnome head and Crow body) and the 6″ TexaTURTLE™ (Gnome hat and body).

Instructions for the Scarecrow Gnome are free on Ravelry, CLICK HERE.

Happy fall, y’all!


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