‘Twas a Week Before Christmas …

20181213_221642_resizedThis year, you wanted to make handmade gifts for your friends and family. The countdown to Christmas is on … but you haven’t started implementing your plan. Don’t give up!

Go to your favorite craft store (don’t forget the coupons) and get either plastic or glass craft ornaments. Then dig into your weavies stash and see how many you can stuff into those ornaments. It will not only look pretty, but also help you to reduce your stash … so that you can add more next year.

This method works for any shape and any size motif, squares, bookmarks, triangles included. Pretty or not, perfect or not, prototype or leftover, anything goes.

Here’s how to make the stuffed glass ornaments:

  • Clip any yarn tails, no need to weave in ends.
  • Depending on how wide the opening of your craft ornament is, roll up a motif from one side (hexagon) or any corner (square, rectangle, triangle).
  • With a slightly twisting motion, insert the fabric into the ornament.
  • Spread out the motif as desired with a chop stick, the back of a pencil, or use a knitting needle, and/or shake the ornament.
  • Add as many motifs as you like: Just one, or two in different colors. Layer several.
  • Add tinsel or sequins for additional glamour.
  • Add a hanger to each ornament or tie several on a string for a garland.
  • Sit back and enjoy!

Have a relaxed holiday season.

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