Feeding a Fad …Weave an Ankle Cowl

Just a few days ago I saw a picture circulating on social media, featuring a knitted “ankle scarf”. It looked photo-shopped, but I had to chuckle about the idea, and the idea didn’t leave me. Today I discovered the first ankle shawl knitting pattern on Ravelry, and I decided that maybe the idea is not as ridiculous as it initially seemed …

I agree with others, though, that those little scarves are prone to trip over. A rather unpleasant thought. So, why not take the idea to the next level and weave an “ankle cowl”!

Let the pin looms shine on this, because only 4 quickly woven motifs will be sufficient to make the most perfect ankle cowl!



For our first ankle scarf I chose a Jingle Bells theme. You will need about 24 yards of white worsted weight yarn to weave 4 hexagons on the original TURTLE Loom™. I used Brown Sheep Company Nature Spun in 730W Natural.

Sew those four hexagons together into a row, then close to a loop (similar to one loop of the Christmas Stocking).

Crochet one row of single crochet along the edges. I used Crafting My Chaos sock yarn in “Christmas Time”.

Along one side, fold the hexagon tips over and sew on a jingle bell to hold the tip in place.

Wear, share, and enjoy!


  • Make one, or make two.
  • Instead of the jingle bells, use nothing, buttons, tassels, pompoms.
  • Add more jingle bells to the tips along the bottom edge.
  • If you’re not into crocheting, skip the crocheting.
  • 4 motifs on a 4″ square pin loom will work, too!
  • 3 Hexagons are enough for a child size cowl.
  • Use different yarns to make more cowls. A great way to use up some leftovers from a knitted sweater, or scarf, or any other project!

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