Easy Tassel Basket

Fellow pin loom weaver Suzanne is moderating a “Spring Fling” challenge, encouraging all pin loom weavers to make projects in celebration of spring and Easter. The first thing that comes to my mind is “chocolate!” which of course needs a basket …

Here is a super easy, 3-hexagons basket with a playful tassel finish.

I used Cestari 3-ply DK 100% Fine Merino Wool in 179123 Spruce Blue. While this wool is labeled DK weight which usually is a little bit on the thin side for the hexagon looms, this wool created a nice, loft fabric with a beautiful color expression. 39 yards will be enough to weave 3 hexagons on the TexaTURTLE loom.

The trim and tassels are made of a small amount of Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted in 730W Natural.

Weave three blue hexagons and sew (whip stitch) them together side by side like this:

20181224_132138_resized (2)

Close to a round, then sew adjacent sides together to form the bottom of the basket.

With the wrong side facing towards you, crochet one row of sc along the top: Work about 12 sc along each side, 3 sc in each tip, and sc2tog where the sides of the hexagons meet. (see crochet abbreviations)

For each tassel (make 3), wrap the yarn about 12 times around three fingers, then tie one end and clip the other to make the tassel.

Turn right side out, then flip each of the three hexagon tips to the outside to form an even top. Secure each tip with a tassel as shown.

Weave in ends.

The finished basket measures 5.5″ in the diagonal and stands about 3″ tall. You could also follow the instructions using the original TURTLE loom, or the TURTLE loom “fine sett” and make a smaller basket to just hold a few treats or to present a very pretty colored egg.

Happy weaving!

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