Don’t Forget the Kitchen Twine!

This year, when you do your grocery shopping for the holidays, make sure to get some extra kitchen twine. Together with the Original TURTLE Loom R it may serve as a holiday emergency kit

Weave up a stack of hexagons on your Original TURTLE loom (R – regular sett). Each hexagon requires about 6 yards of twine. Remember to weave loosely, since the twine has not stretch.

Now you will be prepared to:

Have some coasters for the beer.

Just weave single hexagons and weave in the ends. Done!

Have a basket for the dinner mints.

You will need three hexagons. Follow the instructions for the Easy Tassel Basket but skip the crochet border, and tie the flaps with simple single-string bows.

Battle the gravy spills.

Sew four hexagons together to make a puzzle block. Instructions can be found in this video.

Have a welcoming restroom.

Use single hexagons for make-up pads or wipes, offer four-hexagon puzzle blocks as guest towels.

Keep the kids busy with a bean bag toss.

Sew two hexagons together. Before closing the sides completely, fill the pouch with a handful of beans. Use any basket or bucket as target. (Idea from Paint Drop Toss Game)

Tip: Decorate the hexagons.

Optionally, you can decorate any of the projects with washable markers … another way to keep kids of all ages entertained while waiting for the meal.

Using dotting motions to apply the colors works well.

Do the dishes.

Seven hexagons make a nice flower dishcloth! Instructions for making a flower dishcloth can be found here.

Of course, you can still use the twine to tie the turkey or the roast! Most of all: Stay calm and weave on.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

All supplies and props – except for the loom of course – were obtained at a HEB grocery store.

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