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Willie has been one of our first customers, and since the early days, we have this “turtle versus frog” thing going …

One of the first TURTLE loom projects was our turtle mascot, and Willie started tackling that right away, even before the pattern was fully written. Her creation, though, turned out to look more like a frog, but really … who cares as long as it is as cute as that?

This morning, Willie tagged me on a photo on Facebook , with this loving comment …

20190530_085307_resized (2)

Challenge accepted! Since I had housework on my to-do list, I happily traded that for some crafting time. Here is how you can make your own snail in a jiffy:

20190530_080205_resized (2)

You will need any 1 hexagon for the body, and any 2 hexagons for the shell.

Any size hexagons will work, I used leftover hexagons that I had woven on the Original TURTLE Loom.

20190530_080902_resized (2)Sew the three hexagons together to form a row as pictured.




Fold the row, wrong sides facing, then sew along all sides, leaving the last side (blue) open.



Gently stuff the “shell”.




20190530_082154_resizedSew through both layers of fabric, between the “shell” and the “body”, to shape the shell.




20190530_082553_resizedStuff the “body” and close the remaining side.



Press the “shell” down unto the “body”, into desired position, then …

20190530_083306_resized (2) … secure the desired “shell” position with a few invisible stitches.




20190530_083528_resized For each “eye”, cut a yarn string of about 10”, fold in half.




20190530_083558_resized (2)With a crochet hook, pull the loop through a couple of strands on one side of the “head” (either end) as shown.





20190530_083642_resizedCrochet 5-6 chain stitches, pull the yarn through the last stitch and pull tight. Clip the ends.

Repeat for second “eye”.

Weave in any ends. Optional: embroider spirals onto the shell.

20190530_084450_resized (2)

And while you are weaving,
you can check out more fun pictures
at @Fun.Pics.Stuff on Facebook !

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