We’ve Got Pins … and Other News

Over the summer, we will implement several changes to our hexagon pin looms.

20190607_113851_resizedFor a start, we now offer headless pins. After a long search and many trials we found pins that we think you will like: Sturdy stainless steel, rounded tops that are gentle to your finger tips, and just the right size to ensure comfortable hexagon weaving.

20190607_115134_resized_1 (2)We will roll out the new pins loom by loom. The TURTLE Loom “fine-sett” with 4″ weaving width will ship immediately with the new pins (but read on before you click!)


I wrote “several changes”, so here is an outlook of what else is coming:

  • We will add stamps to the back of each loom with yardage and wraps information. Here is a prototype picture …
    20190607_103423_resized (2)
  • The instructions booklet will be updated with new photos once all the looms have been converted. We will also start offering the choice of printed or digital editions (or both).
  • The markings of the pins will be unified. All looms will have wood-burned stems and circles to indicate the pins at which to start weaving and where to switch from bias to traditional weaving.

If you wish to buy looms that have all the new features, please watch our blog for the announcements. The descriptions on our Etsy shop will reflect exactly how far along the changes are implemented for each loom. A loom with all changes will be labeled as “Gen 2” , generation 2.

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We will continue to offer the classic color-coded looms with headed pins as custom orders.

Please ask any questions that you may have, and we hope that you are as excited as we are about these upcoming changes!


2 thoughts on “We’ve Got Pins … and Other News

  1. These look fantastic, Gabi! I love my original Turtle loom and these developments will make them even more wonderful.

  2. Grin guess I will hold off until the Gen 2 are in the shop before I give my friends back to her…

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