The First TexaTURTLEs with Yardage/Wraps Stamp

We have a small batch of TexaTURTLEs ready, with the new headless pins and with the new yardage/wraps stamp on the back …

The stamp reads “Texa R, 13 yds, 8 wraps”, which means this is the TexaTURTLE with “regular” pin spacing for worsted weight yarn, you will need 13 yards of yarn to weave one hexagon, and you need to wrap the yarn 8 times after the bias weaving, which is enough yarn to finish the hexagon and have a little extra to sew hexagons together.

This batch is not yet “Gen 2”, because it has the pin markings embossed, not woodburned. However, if you already own an original TURTLE Loom “fine-sett”, they are embossed, too, so the pin side would look alike.

It’s a very small batch, and once they are gone, the next stop will be “Gen 2”.  The original batch size was 10, and some are already sold. Whatever is on Etsy right now is what’s left (see current TexaTURTLE kits on Etsy).

Just saying that you have (all good) options: Continue to enjoy the TexaTURTLE that you already own, get one of the first headless pins TexaTURTLE with stamp on the back, or wait for “Gen 2”.

Please ask any questions that you may have, and …

Happy  weaving!

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