Pumpkin Hot Pad

20191009_152648_resizedIt’s practical and pretty, and it needed a hot maple pecan pie to ensure that it works.

Cheer up your own kitchen or that of a friend, and you can do so in just an afternoon, and here is how:


  • You will need a few leftovers of Sugar’n Cream or similar worsted weight cotton. Any colors go, really. Each large hexagon requires 13 yards of yarn, and you will need about that much for crocheting the border as well. The leaves are 2 yards each, the stem 4 1/2 yards.
  • Weave 2 hexagons on the TexaTURTLE™ loom for the body.
  • Weave 2 hexagons on the TinyTURTLE™ loom for the leaves.
  • Weave 1 hexagon on the Elongon™ loom for the stem.

You can substitute the leaves and the stem with other woven shapes, or even crochet.



20191009_140955_resizedSew a leaf centered onto one side of a large hexagon as shown. Repeat for the second pumpkin side.




20191009_141738_resized (2)Put both pumpkins matching each other. Starting at any corner, crochet both sides  together, all around. Stuff any tails inside, between the two layers (yay, no weaving in ends!). Work single crochet stitches as needed, two single crochet stitches in each corner.


20191009_152630_resized (2)For the stem, fold the elongated hexagon in half and sew it (through all layers) just along the tip to the pumpkin as shown. Leave the sides open, so that the stem can serve as hanger.






Don’t forget to reward yourself with that pie!


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