Cheerful Mystery Baby Carrier Blanket

Cheerful, yes, but what is the mystery?

When Caryn posted a picture of her first hexagons in Plymouth Yarn “Toybox Candy”, I decided I wanted to make a baby blanket, using this cheerful yarn. A trip to the Yarnivore quickly provided the yarn supply.


The unusual thing about the Candy yarn is that it is more of a DK weight, a little bit too thin for the regular TURTLE looms, and too thick for the fine-sett.

I was intrigued by Caryn’s results on the fine-sett, though, and played around a bit.

Long story short, the baby carrier blanket in this blog is woven on BOTH looms, the Original TURTLE Loom™ and the Original TURLTE Loom™ with fine-sett pin spacing!

The flower and the border are woven on the fine-sett, creating a more denser fabric. In between is a more open fabric, woven on the regular sett loom. It adds drape and airiness to the blanket. I call this new method “Shadow and Light“, and you will see more of it in future projects.


The vivid colors of the yarn hide the effect a little bit, that’s why I decided to call this project a “mystery”.

To make the baby carrier blanket, you will need two balls of the Candy yarn (there will be plenty leftover, I only needed the second ball for 2 hexagons).
Weave 13 hexagons on the regular TURTLE, and
24 hexagons on the fine-sett.
Lay the hexagons out according to the chart.
Row by row, sew hexagons to hexagons, then rows to rows.
The cover measures 24″ across the longest points.


Most likely, not all DK yarns will result in satisfying results, but it is always worth a try. If you have some DK that you like in your stash, go ahead and weave a sample hexagon on each loom and see how you like it!


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