Last Minute Hat Ornaments

January 1, 2019 … You plan to start in August and knit (real) hats for all your relatives for Christmas.
December 20, 2019 … You are on your way to the family Christmas gathering … the hats didn’t happen (and not much else, either).

TURTLEs to the rescue, to make some minutia hat ornaments for everyone!

Here is an easy and fun way to make hat ornaments that you can truly make “last minute”.  We’re showing you “minimal tools required” instructions, but of course you can modify that as you wish.

20191214_085118_resizedMATERIALS … or “emergency kit”:


Mark the center of the hexagon for the pom pom and ribbon: Fold hexagon in half, fold in half again, pull a piece of yarn through the tip to mark the center.

Shape the bottom border: Use the secured start/end tail or a separate piece of yarn and loosely sew along all edges as shown (about 4-6 stitches per hexagon side).

Pull in and secure to make the hat opening, about 1″ or about 2 fingers wide. Weave in ends.

Make a pompom: Cut a strand of yarn, about hand length, as a tie, put aside. Wind some yarn over two, slightly spread apart fingers as shown. Wrap suggestions: Fingering yarn weight about 50 times, DK about 40 times, worsted about 30 times, bulky about 20 times, or as desired. Slide the tie between your fingers, around the yarn. Make a simple knot. Slide the yarn off your fingers, and pull the tie tight, secure with a second knot. Clip the loops open, gently shake the pompom, trim to taste. Alternatives: Use a pompom maker or ready-made pompoms!

Finishing: With a needle or crochet hook (from your loom kit), attach the pompom to the tip of the hat.
For the hanger, wind ribbon about 1.5 times around 4 fingers as shown, cut. Sew ribbon ends through the tip of the hat, then through the pompom  for best balance. Knot the ends together.

20191214_090354_resizedCrochet variation: Crochet about 4 single crochet stitches along each hexagon side (use 2sgtog for a smoother edge), for a total of about 24 stitches all around. This will automatically hold the sides in to form the border of the hat. Then, crochet one more row of half double crochet or front post / back post double crochet.


Disclaimer (take it with a LOL): Success of this project depends on the size of the family, length of commute to the gathering, and availability of yarns, looms, and pre-woven hexagons.

And, seriously : Please don’t drive and craft!

2 thoughts on “Last Minute Hat Ornaments

  1. Thanks Gabi…I thought I had just made my LAST ornament…will sneak in 1-2 of these darling hats on our Holiday travels!

    1. Lol! It’s so good hearing from you … and I’m NOT sorry to give you more ideas. Travel safely, and happy holidays!

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