A “No Stress” 2020 Patchwork Project

I have been thinking about a pin loom project that carries on throughout the year, where I’m committed to work on it as time allows, but without stress or frustration …

The answer is a “2020 Patchwork Project”, and here is how it works:

  • Let’s keep it simple and flexible, because … life happens!
  • The idea is to weave hexagons and sew them together on the go into a project (see project ideas below).
  • Use sample hexagons, leftover hexies from other projects, or weave one in a pretty yarn that you like.
  • Choose just one loom size. I will use the original 4″ hexagon looms, both, the “regular”and “fine sett”.
  • Weave as time allows, until December 31, 2020. Maybe one a day, but most likely less, because there will be busy times throughout the year when there’s just no time to weave.
  • (Optional) Keep notes in a little notebook, but keep it simple: Date, material, optional brief comments (for example for a special occasion). With or without writing down notes, the patchwork project will have stories to tell!
  • Take a picture once a month to record progress throughout the year.
  • Start with the first motif in the middle and work around that center. This way, the resulting project is determined by how many hexagons are woven. That will make it “no stress with guaranteed success”: Just make one motif, the 2020 project will be a coaster. If you make some, it may be a trivet, shawl, or table runner. If you go crazy and make 2 or more every day … here is your king size bed cover!

The idea is that at the end of the year you will have a project that you can call your 2020 Patchwork Project and can be proud of it.

Will you join?

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