World Bee Day 2020

IMG_3926The little things that sometimes sting are some of the most amazing contributors to making life on this planet possible. Let’s keep it that way … and celebrate!

May 20th is World Bee Day, instantiated in 2017 by the United Nations, to remind us of the importance of bees and other pollinators and how critical they are for our lives and ecosystems.

We consider that a worthy case to celebrate with a bee and honeycomb related project. Let’s have a cup of coffee and a cookie with our honeycomb place mat and mug rug project … from 2017!

The placemat and coffee rug were made using the Original TURTLE Loom™ and worsted weight yarn, but if you are inspired, consider using Scheepjes Catona on the Original TURTLE Loom™ fine-sett.  You can find the project instructions on Ravelry HERE.

Let’s celebrate! Honey for the bees! (coffee for us)

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