Greta’s Mt. Wilson Shawl

It was humbling when weaving expert and Handwoven Editor, Susan Horton, ordered one of our TURTLE looms, the Elongon 2″ fine-sett, a few weeks ago.

Of course we wondered what Susan would do with the loom, and we had to chuckle when we recently read that – in Susan’s words – “It’s all the fault of Greta Holmstrom” anyway!

20200512-HWBlog-Title-1Susan posted a blog article earlier this month, explaining the circumstances: “My Current Weaving Obsession: Hexagons”.

Greta is the designer of the Mt. Wilson shawl, which is one of many scrumptious projects in this year’s “Easy Weaving With Little Looms” magazine. We’re thrilled to see how this nature inspired, cozy shawl captures people’s desire to try something new!

While Greta used the Elongon 2″ with regular pin spacing for worsted weight yarn, Susan chose the Elongon 2″ with fine pin spacing for a lighter weight yarn. Susan’s choices will create a lighter fabric, perfect to shield off a cool breeze on a summer evening.


This is a great example for how many TURTLE loom hexagon patterns can be worked with different yarn weights: Make a cozy, worsted weight yarn project, using a loom with “R” – regular pin spacing, or make a light, sock/fingering weight yarn project, using a loom with “F” – fine pin spacing, with no changes to the pattern.

Now of course we’re excitedly looking forward to seeing Susan’s completed shawl!

But you don’t have to wait …

Grab an Elongon (regular or fine-sett) loom, yarn that you love, and the Little Looms 2020 magazine, and make your own Mt. Wilson shawl!

Happy weaving.


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