Embrace the Possibilities – The 22nd Century Hat

HWSeptOct2020-Ad-EmbraceThePossibilitiesStarting with Handwoven September/October 2020, we are running a free pattern mini series of hexagon pin loom projects that go along with the theme of each Handwoven issue.

“Thoroughly Modern Weaving” is the first theme, and modular weaving with elongated hexagons seems like a good starting point to match the topic.

The weaving is easy: Weave 21 elongated hexagons, using worsted weight yarns and the Elongon 2″ hexagon pin loom.

The hat construction requires a little bit “thinking outside the box”, but the pattern provides step-by-step, photo-guided instructions to master the task.

The result is a rather unusual but extremely comfortable and well fitting head cover!

We call it the “22nd century Hat”, because – while weaving has been “over, under” for as long as mankind can remember – we want to set the stage to forward thinking into the future, even into the next century: Let’s continue to do “over, under”, adjusted to the needs, desires, and most importantly the possibilities of the time.

Pattern news! We now provide a blank pattern chart, so that you can explore the possibilities and design your own hat. Play with different colors and yarn textures, no one hat needs to be the same.

20200609_174745_resized (2)Get the loom

Download the pattern (V1.0)  The pattern is free of charge for a limited time. After that it can be obtained through our Etsy store.

Embrace the Possibilities — Be part of the 22nd Century Weavers™!

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