Feed the Turtles!

20200811_112134_resizedThe second looms shipment to our UK stockist is on its way, and we decided to tell a story and add a little excitement …

20200812_122825_resizedThe shipment includes some of the not yet released TinyTURTLE in fine-sett loom kits, and we herewith announce that we will officially launch that new loom worldwide after the shipment arrives in London.

When? Because of the current, hard to predict shipping situation, nobody knows the date!

While we’re waiting, here’s a story: The first shipment to the Handweavers Studio earlier this year got lost in the mail for about 2 months before it safely arrived. During the time of uncertainty, Handweavers Studio owner Dawn wrote in a message:


This caused my daughter to take Dawn by her word:


International shipping is still highly uncertain, though most packages do arrive … eventually. Let’s hope for a speedy and safe journey this time. As of this writing, the package is in Cincinnati, and not joking the actual location is near the Botanical Garden! We can assume that at least for now Dawn’s plea of feeding the turtles is heard.

20200530_PT-AllThe shipment includes not only the new TinyTURTLE in fine-sett, but also PennyTURTLE kits. Handweavers Studio started taking reservations … if you are in the UK and interested in reserving any of the new looms,  feel free to contact the Handweavers Studio team.

STAY TUNED! The official TinyTURTLE fine-sett launch will be announced here on the blog, sign up to follow our blog (side bar) so that you don’t miss it!

Thank you, Edith, for the cute turtle drawing! (See more of our daughter’s arts and fiber creations on Instagram.)


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