How to WEAVE a Button

20200827_141952_resized (2)This summer I knitted a Hiking Henley tee, but of course, with that neckline comes the need for buttons. Weaving buttons with the PennyTURTLE™ turned out to be a great fit!

Inspired by the fascinating tradition of button making, here is a very easy, simple, and fast way to weave a button. Two hexagons, a plastic ring, and a string of yarn are enough to get started …

20200827_173239_resized (2)You will need about 2.5 yards of yarn. We used Scheepjes Catona for the sample, and I used Scheepjes Stone Wash (for the tee buttons), or  use any fingering/sport yarn of your choice. Weave on the PennyTURTLE™ hexagon pin loom. You will also need one 1″ plastic ring (we used Sew-ology item #539759).

Download the worksheet “How to Weave a Button” or watch the video


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Don’t stop with the basic button!

  • Use different yarns (variegated, fuzzy) for interesting effects.
  • Add beads when you work the shank (we used 6mm beads in the sample).
  • Embroider a PennyTURTLE hexagon and sew it on top of a basic button.
  • Make a “monster button” using larger hexagons and rings!

Woven buttons can be practical and artistically expressive: Use a special yarn to match or decorate your garments. Make an “emergency button” when you need one. Make and display art buttons … most of all: Enjoy weaving!

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