Welcome TinyTURTLE “fine-sett”!

20200818_143657_resized(2)It is official: The TinyTURTLE™ “fine-sett” loom is now available in our Etsy store!

20200818_143742_resized(2)Announcing this addition to our hexagon pin loom collection today is special, because it is exactly three years ago that we launched our first TinyTURTLE™ loom! It is humbling to see all the changes that have happened since then, and even more humbling to know how many of you have been following us throughout this journey. Thank you for that, and make sure to check out the new TinyTURTLE™ fine-sett!

20200819_133137_resized(2)Of course, we can’t launch a new loom without a new project, so how about some Raindrop Mini Towels?

Keeping things clean and dry is more important than ever these days, and paper towels are not always the most sensible solution. Let’s fight the dull with some reusable mini towels or cloths, just big enough to dry hands once or wipe the counter after hand washing. Makes a great hostess gift, too!

It only takes eight hexagons to make one raindrop. To add interest you can weave a hole into the top hexagon for convenient hanging!

20200818_170001_resized(2)Each raindrop mini towel takes one 10g ball of Scheepjes Catona, a 100% mercerized cotton that washes well, wipes well, and stays beautiful while doing so.

20200819_132844_resized(2)Do you think that the towel holder looks like a banana hanger? Indeed, it is, and why not! Perfect in height and size, and with a little basket to put the used towels, we found this banana hanger on Amazon.


The photo-guided step-by-step instructions will make everything easy. Download the instructions free of charge until the end of August  here!

And you can find the new TinyTURTLE™ loom kit here!

20200820-RaindropAlternatives-2Pattern variations and alternatives:

  • To make larger towels, use a larger loom.
  • Use any “regular” sett loom with worsted weight cotton.
  • Use different colors and make “paint drop” towels.
  • Try some patterns … flowers included.



You can use the TinyTURTLE fine-sett loom with many TURTLE patterns. Fellow hexagon weaver Catherine Terril (cterril on Instagram) for example used her TinyTURTLE fine-sett to turn our Flower Scarf pattern into a most adorable table runner, color matching her interior decor. We love it!


20200812_FeedTheTurtles-medYes, the TinyTURTLEs (and friends) have arrived in London, too! If you are in the UK, please contact the Handweavers Studio to place your order.

Weave on!



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