Cute! A Hedgehog Scrubbie Holder

Last week, I stopped at Hobby Lobby to take a look at their new yarns. Taking a “shortcut” through their fall decoration department turned out to be not a shortcut, though, particularly when an adorable little hedgehog, holding a scrubbie pad, caught my eyes. “It needs some color, though …”

On to the yarn department, to find some seasonally colored scrubbie yarn. The plan to make a scrubbie cover was confirmed!

Back home I wove two hexagons on the Original TURTLE Loom™. It goes so fast, you probably won’t need more than one cup of tea or glass of wine to finish the job.

Using any of the tail ends, sew the two hexagons together along four sides, insert the scrubby that comes with the hedgehog, then close completely. Weave in any remaining tails.

I call this a pin loom doodle project … a project that just happens by chance, low key, no stress, but a lot of fun.

When this scrubbie is used up, I’ll get a utility sponge and cut it to shape, and maybe the next scrubbie will be – very seasonal – in red, for the holidays!

Hobby Lobby offers the hedgehog with scrubbie online, but they seem to be very popular and at the time of this writing the item is sold out. Check with your local Hobby Lobby if you have one (and don’t forget to bring your coupon). If you are out of luck, Hobby Lobby and many other home decoration and crafting store are great (or dangerous) places to find a substitute to display your seasonal scrubbie, for example a pretty little plate or dish. Or consider using a “last one of the set” dish that is collecting dust in your cupboard!

Happy fall, y’all!

3 thoughts on “Cute! A Hedgehog Scrubbie Holder

  1. Hey Gabi! Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your yarn videos! They have helped me so much when working with your “fine sett” looms! I have purchased many colors of Paintbox yarn and really love Awesome Ombré! But my absolute favorite that you taught us about is “Summer Kiss” by Lion Brand…” It weaves up so nicely and creates awesome fabric! Would love to see more of your sampling! Your videos are really awesome!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Laura-Lynn, for your kind comment! Glad to hear it all, and your feedback is encouraging.
      I will do more sampling videos as time allows. I of course constantly sample yarns, but don’t always have the time to “chat” about it.

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