Turtle Will Go Hibernate for a Little While …

Long story short, Texas is in an extremely cold and long stretch of winter weather, and our workshop has no heating. If “winter” is just a couple of days, as usual, we can make up for that time, but right now it looks like there won’t be any lacquering possible until the end of the week.

What that means … Our Etsy store will look empty, but:

Be assured: While loom production will hibernate, we’ll still be chatting hexagons and projects and answer any questions that you may have!

To hibernate, Turtle chose one of Beth’s flower scarves made of 100% wool Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok which creates a light, soft, and warm fabric … perfect for a good cuddle.

Stay warm, be safe!

7 thoughts on “Turtle Will Go Hibernate for a Little While …

  1. Yikes! I’m so glad we got our looms in time, because we’re having a great time using them during this cozy winter weather and would hate to have missed out! I hope you enjoy a change of pace!

    All the best,
    Laura and Maggie

    1. Thank you for your kind note! The good thing is that this is a very temporary situation, but yes, it’s perfect crafting weather. Happy weaving, the two of you!!!

  2. Take good care of you and all the turtles in progress!! Love you and will always be a loyal customer no matter what the weather!!

    1. Lol, thank you! The turtles mumble a humble thank you from within their pile of blankets … it’s getting bad out here …

  3. yes, it is scary cold here! just stay home and stay safe. you can make up the needed items later when it’s perfect again in another 7-10 days.

  4. Thinking of you! It was a nippy 10 up here, when the dog HAD to go play in the snow! Hopefully you have some wool to help keep you warm!

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