Beth’s Flower Scarf

20200314_120501_resized (2)At the beginning of March, Blue Sky Fibers announced a Woolstok Bundle Design Contest … make something with at least one of the new “cool”, “warm”, or “neutral” Woolstok Bundle Kits. Challenge accepted! 

IMG_7132(2)I already knew that it would be fun to work with the Woolstok minis, remembering the scarf-cowl that I made a little over two years ago.

The most difficult part was to get the bundles in time, and thank you Hill Country Weavers and WEBS for having in stock what I needed.

The new design idea is a scarf, using all the colors in the bundle to make flowers, and then add one color to hold the flowers together.

I used the TinyTURTLE™ hexagon pin  loom to achieve the perfect flower size for a scarf.

The bundles worked out to make 18 flowers (you get exactly 6 2″ hexagons from each mini hank), using the seventh color as the center for each flower. One 50g Woolstok skein is sufficient for the 32 hexagons that you need to weave for the contrasting color (I used 1309 Earth Ivy for the “warm” scarf and 1303 Highland Fleece for the “cool” scarf).

Lay out the colors to your liking, or use the photos to match the color distribution.

20200329_114859_resized (2)

I tried two different assembly methods: For the “warm” scarf, I assembled the flowers first, then sewed them together to finish the scarf. For the “cool” scarf, I worked row by row, sewing the hexagons together into rows first, then sewing the rows to rows. The results are very similar, so you can pick whatever method you feel like. You can find instruction videos for both methods on our Youtube channel.

The finished and blocked scarf measures 60″ long and about 8.5″ wide at the widest point.

Why is there no “neutral” version of the scarf? Well, there are several reasons. The most relevant is that I simply ran out of time. Also, two of the neutral bundles wandered “upstairs and were never seen again”, which is my phrase for when my daughter claims my yarn. Did she make something? She sure did! But she’s still working on it. Stay tuned for her reveal …

20200329_115917_resized (2)

For you, dear reader, the most challenging question now is whether you make your “cool” or “warm” scarf … or go for the “neutral” and add a pop color as the supporting color? That’s what I would have done next …

Weave on!


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