The Hope Vest

It has been a great privilege to tell the story of Diana and Handspun Hope in Handwoven May/June 2021. A story of “stepping up” to help widows and orphans in Rwanda. A story of building a way to live in peace, with food and shelter. And a story of reaching out to the rest of the world, through fiber.

It is our wish that the Hope Vest will encourage weavers to explore the all natural, handmade fibers from this country far away. See and feel the pride that the women in Rwanda put into their work.
You can call it a weaving adventure in may ways, filled with hope for a better life.

Handspun Hope provides three lines of beautiful yarns: Ethiopian Handspun Cotton (top left), a precious Angora and Merino Blend (top right, used for the Hope Vest), and Organic Merino Wool that comes in different weights (bottom left in worsted, bottom right in bulky) . Visit Handspun Hope online to learn more and shop these yarns.

The project guide for this vest is available on the Handspun Hope website: Buy the pattern.

Weave the magic, share your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “The Hope Vest

  1. I LOVE the idea of combining woven panels with hexagons. I dont have a rigid heddle loom but do have a Baby Wolf 4-harness…but the thought of warping it isnt as much fun as thinking of weaving on my adjustable 5’Hillcreek Fiber rectangle loom. It would have size “limitations” …but I should be able to make it work…My choice either is 7” wide or 10.5”… may go for the 10.5” width and length of 63”… the cool thing…if it doesnt work, I will have two scarves… Love an inspiration AND a challenge.

    1. What an interesting idea, to use panels from a rectangle loom! To adjust the length, if needed (though the bias weave will be very forgiving), you could add a row or two of hexagons as border.
      Also, larger woven squares put together into a panel will work. Either way … I wish you many more scarves in your future while you’re sampling. We’ll find a good used for them!

  2. I love the look of this and i will try and emulate it using a weave it loom . I think it should work quite well

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