Dreams Come True

I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to take these pictures for years …

When we first moved to Texas more than a decade ago, I was inspired by seeing the Indian Summer Blanket wild flowers in this little field. A real blanket like this would be awesome … “I want to make this!”

It took many trials and errors to find a way to express the shape of the blooms, and in the end, hexagons were the answer.
I sampled many yarns, because I wanted the colors to be as close as possible to the “real thing”. I found Scheepjes Catona, a cool summer cotton, that seemed perfect for the purpose. It comes in over 100 colors, including shades that were close.

Then … the opportunity to make the blanket for Easy Weaving with Little Looms Summer 2020.

Finally, this spring, the Indian Summer Blanket flowers are blooming again, and Texas weather is at it’s best. The blanket that looks and feels like a field of Indian Summer Blanket flowers … in the field that provided the inspiration.

Never give up on ideas that inspire you.
Dreams come true.

5 thoughts on “Dreams Come True

  1. Dear Gabi, What a wonderful and inspiring story!!! Dreams do come true. I love that the blanket is inspired by a field of wildflowers, and that the field of flowers now can embrace the fruition of your handwork. Thank you from the heart, Lynne Baxter

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Lynne! I hope you will find gratitude in your handiwork as well.

  2. Weaving to me is Dreamy… day dreams, night dreams and sweet dreams. Love everything you share… especially your love for the Weave♥️

  3. I absolutely love this blanket. And I’m currently in the process of weaving telhe hexies for it! I can’t wait to have it completed!

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