Travel Turtle ’22: Announcing the First Host

Terry Neal from Gilbert, Arizona
will be our first host, for the month of January!

Our new mascot Charlene instantly started to help Travel Turtle to learn a little bit about Arizona, while I work on travel arrangements … it is all very exciting.

The interest in hosting Turtle has exceeded our expectations … if your name didn’t get drawn, please follow along Turtle’s journey, and we hope that you will sign up again for hosting Turtle in upcoming months.

In a few days we will share a little bit about our January host and also report about Travel Turtle’s departure … stay tuned …

14 thoughts on “Travel Turtle ’22: Announcing the First Host

      1. Ok, that gets me curious now, too! “start thinking of a small project” sounds soo good! Travel Turtle is getting all excited …

    1. Excellent question! Charlene will have her own story to tell, once her little brother is on his way …

  1. Charlene will love it in sunny Arizona in January. And Tempe Yarn & Fiber is a fantastic place to spend time.

  2. Congratulations! I hope Travel Turtle gets to visit Maryland in his(her?) adventures!

    1. It’s certainly a possibility! One in eleven, to be mathematically precise. (Just make sure you sign up in upcoming months)

      I think Travel Turtle ’22 is Charlene’s little brother …

  3. Congratulations Spinfiber Terry! Such a fun adventure Charlene and Little TT are about to begin, I hope to see lots of photos of their activities and little bit about your state as well. Have fun!

  4. Thank you! I am contemplating all the places TT 22 will want to see. Now to talk my husband into a few road trips. (She says hopefully.) TT 22 is tiny enough to sneak easily into any bag I carry. That way no matter where I go, I have some weaving with me to work on. Still trying to aim for a project of some sorts!

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