Travel Turtle ’22: Announcing the February Host

Angela Tong from Yardley, Pennsylvania,
will be our host for the month of February!

Charlene is already studying the next destination … There is so much history!

… and she loves the pretty color of the Mountain Laurel …

… and she is also very concerned about the long journey, and … it will be so much colder in Pennsylvania than in Arizona!

For the next few days, TT’22 is still in Arizona at his host Terry, and you can follow his January travel journey on Instagram.

Coming up next … we will share a little bit about our February host … stay tuned!

One thought on “Travel Turtle ’22: Announcing the February Host

  1. Congratulations Angela! You will have so much fun with TT22.
    Charlene do not worry. I know Pennsylvania is colder than Arizona, but I will make sure TT22’s travel box is well insulated. I am sure Angela will be able to keep TT22 plenty comfortable as houses in Pennsylvania do have heat. (Grin) Contrary to popular belief even though Phoenix is desert, we who live here year round do use our heaters too. Besides maybe TT22 will actually like snow. Snow can be kind of fun!

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