Travel Turtle 2022 – Call for February Host

Are you enjoying the Travel Turtle report on Terry’s Instagram account? Lot’s of looms, pretty yarns, unusual “freeform” project inspiration, nice people, good food, and stunning Arizona sightseeing make it a perfect vacation retreat! Terry is an amazing host, and I think we’ll probably have to rope Travel Turtle ’22 out of Arizona.

That said, TT22’s visit to Arizona will be coming to an end next week, so it’s time to look for a host for the month of February.

If you are interested in hosting the Travel Turtle 2022 during February, please leave a note in the comments section of this post.

Sign-up is open now and will close Sunday, January 23rd, 9 pm US CT. The winner will be announced after I had a chance to talk with the future host.

Do you have a question about this adventure? You can see what the Travel Turtle adventure is about in the January post. If you have further questions, please contact us.

While you’re waiting … here are some highlights from TT22’s travel report so far (All photos are courtesy of Terry Neal, all rights reserved. See full report on Instagram):

20 thoughts on “Travel Turtle 2022 – Call for February Host

  1. Columbus, Ohio would be a wonderful home for a Turtle. We have Box turtles here too, so a turtle that arrives in a box would fit right in. Heeeere little loom!!

  2. I’m up for being a Turtle Loom Travel Host Gabi!! I need to try these little treasures. 😍

  3. I’d love to as well! Having said that, Terry has set a pretty high bar on reporting 😉

    1. Regarding Terry setting a high bar … I find myself dreaming away every time I read one of her posts. I think she should organize pin loom weaving retreats, don’t you? But that said, I’m looking forward to hopefully 12 completely different approaches to the Travel Turtle 2022 story, each setting its own “bar”!

      1. I agree Gabi. I hope everyone who gets an opportunity to hosts finds their own voice and way of sharing TT22. That’s what makes an opportunity like this so much fun. I am positive each person has something unique of them to contribute. Difference and variety feeds creativity. Most of all We need it to be fun and not stressful. TT22 is not a fussy guest at all. He really doesn’t eat much; take up space; or complain when I have to leave him alone. And most important, is always willing to lend you his back for hexagon construction!

    2. Not intentionally
 I just like to play! TT22 does allow me to use his back for making lots of little hexagons. I have quite a collection going. The main goal is to have fun and get people excited about all the possibilities of using the pieces to create with.

  4. My daughters and I would love to host the turtle in February! We’re staying with grandparents in California.

  5. Thank you, all! The sign-up for February host is now closed. I will post the name of the February host after I got a chance to chat with the winner.

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