TT22 in March

Hi, Charlene here … there are quite some developments with Travel Turtle going on right now …

Terry (TT22 January host) is working on a gorgeous shawl, made of differently sized and shaped hexagons, joined together with crochet … and all of that in those beautiful colors.

Angela (TT22 February host) sent TT22 on his way to his next destination, and she is keeping us on the edge to see what her hexagons will be turning into … did you see that beautiful red color?!?!?

Carol (TT22 March host) informed us that TT22 arrived safely in Colorado!

He probably needs a little rest, which will be just enough time to introduce his new host, Carol Dowel.

Here is her story:

“My name is Carol Dowell.  I live on the plains of Colorado.  My husband and I are retired and recently moved from the country to town.   

I learned to knit and crochet before I started school.  Watching a lady spin yarn from an angora rabbit’s fur while it sat on her lap at the Stock Show made me want to learn to spin. A gift of a small floor loom gave me the tools to learn weaving.

My current passion is weaving on “pin” looms. I started on the Zoom loom and now have many different sizes and shapes. The stained glass table runner was to see if I could make all of the shapes using only my Zoom loom  The sheep vest is my latest project and was made using my Turtle loom.

I have a studio called “Two Barns”, behind our home, where I spin, weave, knit, crochet, tat, quilt, paint, do beadwork and anything else fiber related. It has been a fun place for our grandchildren and great grandchildren to learn and play.” 

Gabi here … Charlene is off pouting, because the “Two Barns” sounds like a perfect, huge fiber playground for TT22 to spend the month … we are all looking forward to hear more about it, soon!

(Photo credits: 1, Terry Neal. 2, Angela Tong. 3-6 Carol Dowell. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

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  1. Congratulations Carol on hosting TT22! Like Charlene, I want to come play in your studio with you! I am excited to see how you use TT22’s hexagons. The pieces you have pictured here are beautiful.

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