Carol Made A Sheep Pillow!

TT22, as usual, is having a blast. He now would like to be called “TURTLE in residence”, because he spent quite some time in Carol’s studio in Colorado. He made friends with Nico, a poodle/west highland terrier mix that in Carol’s mind ended up with the hyper from both. TT22 doesn’t mind at all (and Charlene is jealous again)!

Carol and TT22 were busy and created a super cute sheep pillow!

Carol used some leftover stash acrylics, and embroidered random sheep onto the hexagons. She also wove half hexagons and triangles, for straight pillow edges, then crocheted everything together. The finished pillow measures about 10″ x 10″.

Carol suggests that you let your imagination run free when you make the sheep. While she provides some of the sheep patterns for embroidery, she also encourages you to just go with the flow and make some on your own.

Why a pillow, I asked? The brilliant answer: You don’t have to weave in ends or worry about ugly backs because they are hidden. 

Thank you, Carol, for this cute March madness fun-spiration!
And y’all … stay tuned for the April sign-up early next week …

(Photo credits: All photos by Carol Dowell. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

3 thoughts on “Carol Made A Sheep Pillow!

  1. Carol, I love the Pillow and what a really cute idea. You made great use of TT22! I bet he enjoyed all the attention you gave him. As before, I agree with Charlene…I want to come play in your studio too!

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