Soo Much History!

TT22 arrived safely at his April host and was welcomed with an instant weaving session. TT22 and his new host Debbie then got to chat over a cup of fiber coffee …

Meet Debbie, who lives with her family in Norfolk, NY. Debbie is a multi discipline fiber crafter, but her pin loom resume alone is one of the longest you can imagine. It’s like an amazing NOT BORING history lesson of pin loom weaving!

Debbie’s projects on Ravelry go as far back as 2007, the early years of names like Jana Trent and her eloomanation website and blog, early days of the Looms to Go group (Debbie is one of the admins), and the years when Weavette looms were THE 4″ square pin looms of the day …

It’s difficult to pick just a picture or two of Debbie’s pin loom creations, so here is a little slideshow:

Debbie recently picked up pin loom weaving again, has been teaching classes, and got her first TURTLE loom earlier this year, which brought TT22’s travels to her attention.

Follow Debbie and TT22 during their April weaving adventures on Instagram and on Ravelry.

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Soo Much History!

  1. OHHHH MYYYY! TT22 Couldn’t have landed in a better place. Congratulations Debbie! I am so excited to see what happens while TT22 is visiting you. I am off to follow you on IG. I am really enjoying the way TT22 has introduced me to so many new people who have the same fiber – Turtle Loom interests!

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