Meet Jewel!

New loom time! At first, it looks like a hexagon with an extra triangle on the top … It makes a special pentagon shape that in the quilting world is often referred to as “jewel”.

Meet the Original Jewel, R, our first jewel shape pin loom!

Take a look at some examples of how quilters have been using jewel shapes: Ideas for Jewel Shape Pin Loom Projects (Pinterest)

Being able to weave jewel shapes, however, goes far beyond that. Let’s take a look at this list:

  • Two jewels make a heart shape, and because of their geometry you can combine those hearts in all kinds of ways into all kinds of items…
  • Six jewels make a full circle, or wheel. Now just think about how using colors will make those wheels look different: All in a different color, two iterating colors, three … hearts! Add to that some interesting effects that variegated yarns will add …
  • Weave a jewel in two colors
  • Now go 3D … make a little basket … ta-da!!!! Surprised?
  • Combine jewels with other shapes like hexagons and diamonds … for example, you can use the new Original Jewel together with the original TURTLE Loom!

How to weave it? It is true that just because you can build a shaped loom doesn’t mean that you can weave it. However, in case of the jewel, it actually turns out to be very easy (once you know how to do it):

You begin by weaving a hexagon, continuous strand in the round, until you have the hexagon shape with the triangle at the top and bottom and the warps in between.

Now you switch to the continuous strand method that is used on triangle looms, weaving in “U” swings.

The last row “locks” the weaving, and you can take the finished jewel off the loom without doing anything else.

The first, Original Jewel loom for worsted weight yarn (R-regular) will start selling in April (on our anniversary, April 19th). Don’t miss the announcement, right here on the blog.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the sample projects below …

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23 thoughts on “Meet Jewel!

    1. The size is the same as the Original TURTLE Loom. That loom measures about 4″ side to side, with a side length of about 2 1/4″.

    1. Thank you, Bonnie, I think it is interesting! It’s often understood as “specialty” shape, but the more I play with it, the more possibilities come out. I could already write a book about it, lol! I hope you will join in the fun …

      1. Yes I will definitely have to join in the fun with this new loom…. Jewel!!
        Are you also going to come out with the same size of this Jewel loom, in the fine gauge also!?!?

      2. Well I definitely know Gabi, that I would love to have the Jewel loom in my collection of loom’s🥰

  1. Hi Gaby! This is such a fun shape with so many possibilities! I look forward to being able to order one. Thanks for your imaginative mind and engineering capabilities. Lynne

  2. I have a couple weeks to find a larger storage container for my looms. I see summer placemats. Wait Christmas ones too!

    1. Lol, yes! I’ve made a bunch of the “wheels” in different colors for different holiday occasions … careful, they are addictive! I call them “shack mats” (but I like the summer placemats, too!) … Having raised and taught children and served snacks during learning breaks, it always bothered me to use paper towels or napkins to put on the gold fish … even the jewel hearts would be big enough for such snack times … washable and reusable!

  3. Gabi, you are Amazing!!! Can hardly contain my excitement to get my hands on this Jewel! I love all your looms!

  4. What a fun shape! I’m doing a presentation this month for the weaving guild and would like to include your jewel as a new loom shape.

    1. Hello Susan! I’m sorry, we’re not taking preorders. But stop by the blog on the 18th … there will be a surprise …

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