Travel Turtle 2022 – Call for May Host

Did you see the awesome loom party that Debbie organized for TT22? Just wow!

Another WOW for the lovely Heart and Flowers Mat that Debbie and TT22 crafted this month.

Debbie in her own words: “Hearts and flowers are my theme”, and with that she makes the chart for her project available to all fellow pin loom weavers who would like to make this project.

Debbie used scrap yarns from her stash, but you can of course use any yarn and colors to your liking. Thank you, Debbie!

But now it’s time to determine where TT22 will spend the month of May … If you are interested and available to “entertain” TT22 for a month, please leave a comment in the comments section.

Signup is open now, and will end Thursday, April 28th, 6 pm US CDT. I will contact the new host and make the announcement shortly after I hear back from him/her.

If you would like to know more about how this challenge works, please see the plan.

Meanwhile …
Charlene seems to be a little bit pre-occupied (or should we say distracted) by Bonnie’s new Jewel gnome, but more about that later. For now she did do her duty and added Debbie’s adorable heart hexagon to the map.
Charlene thinks that the heart is from TT22 to her … JUST her …

(Photo credits: All Heart and Flowers Mat photos by Debbie Shelmidine. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

10 thoughts on “Travel Turtle 2022 – Call for May Host

  1. Would love to have TT22 come for a visit…and yes, thank you so much for sharing that dear pattern!

  2. If Tiny Turtle is up for a not so tiny trek to the opposite side of the country, I’d love to host for May.

  3. Love the heart and flowers mat! Travel Turtle is welcome to Alaska! Snow is melting fast!

  4. This Iowan is still hoping that TT22 will visit her some time this year to help her make some baby gear for the newest addition to her household. Please consider me in your travel plans, TT22!

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