TT22 is Going to Iowa!

Beth Seedorff in Iowa
will be our TT22 host for the month of July!

Beth lives with her wife Sarah, her two little sons, and a friend in the part of Iowa that is south and north of Illinois (look at the map and see the “nose” in the east that explains how this is possible). Beth teaches  junior high and high school band at the school, but still finds enough time to “dabble in all kinds of crafts”, preferably when they involve fiber.

Sure enough, her social media accounts show plenty of beautiful crocheted, knitted, and woven projects, like this Ginny’s Meadow Cowl.

Her “How did she do that?” Isafarmo socks (all slip-stitch crochet) even won the grand prize at the county fair!

TT22 is on his way, but with the holiday it will take a little time. In the meantime you can check out Beth’s work (and sign up to be notified when TT22 arrives) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Ravelry.

Can you believe that we’re half through the year already? I enjoy looking at what the first half has brought to us, and I will say that everything exceeds my expectations. There are still six more stories to be told … well, five more, after Beth, so if you want to get a chance, don’t give up! Sign up at the end of the month!

(Photo credits: Photos 1 – 3 by Bethany Seedorff. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

Charlene is already going through her stash, looking for baby friendly yarns, since Beth said that she plans to make something for her little boys!

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  1. Congratulations! TT22 makes really cute toys if that’s something interests you. A couple hexagons put together are just the right size for little hands and kids pockets. I hope you enjoy your visit with TT22.

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