Recycling – or “Leave no Ends Behind!”

I have a hard time throwing out anything, and with yarn it’s pretty much impossible. Even the short ends of yarn that are left behind after finishing a crafting project.

This spring, I did several projects with my new favorite summer yarn, Berroco Remix Light. Yes, it’s a recycled yarn! And of course, lots of projects mean lots of yarn ends …

And then there is the Mirrix loom company who’s conducting an entertaining summer weaving activity with different topics every week. This week: Recycle!

I decided to tie my Remix Light yarn ends together to weave a hexagon.Since the yarn is fingering weight, I prepared two strands to do a basket weave. There’s plenty of light blue from some loom waste, and then there is the colorful rest.


Weaving was not only fun and gratifying, but I like the results:


Now what? Let’s add a couple of heart buttons to the ends so that we don’t have to weave those in and create … new yarn ends.

All of this makes a really nice greeting card …


Using double sided tape to mount the piece to the card, the recycled hexagon from recycled yarn can be recycled: Remove it carefully from the greeting card and use it as ornament or gift tag!



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