While You Are Waiting …

Pun intended.

First, we want to thank you for making the launch of our TinyTURTLE™ and TexaTURTLE™ looms such a memorable, humbling experience. All looms that were ordered on Saturday and Sunday are “in the mail” at this point!

So … for those of you who are waiting for the mail, we thought to offer a project idea for the original TURTLE Loom™ that can be done in the meantime. But also, a lot of people are waiting for the summer heat to go away. Others are waiting for beautiful outdoors fall colors to arrive. No matter the reason, here is a project that is worth considering while you are waiting …


Get ready for fall with this easy to make table runner in “spice” colors. It is about 44″ long and 10″ wide, but the length is easily adjustable by adding or subtracting “flowers”.




And … you can make a small version with the TinyTURTLE™, too!

You can find the project information for this table runner on Ravelry … Autumn Flowers Table Runner



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