Thank You for a Great Product Review, Deborah!

A recent conversation:

(Somewhat important) Person: I see you have excellent customer feedback.

I: (blush) Yes, thank you.

Person: Do you have any product reviews yet?

I: Yes, we do. (slightly concerned, thinking)

Person: May I see it?

I: Yes, Deborah wrote it. (troubled)

Person: So … “Deborah” (emphasis) … how nice … where is it?

I: Let me find it for you. (in panic, but still smiling on the outside)

Next time, I can lean back, really smile and say “We have linked to it on our blog site”!

It’s been a couple of months, but thank you again, Deborah Carpenter Bagley, for sharing your weaving experience on the TURTLE Loom™ and taking the time to write your “TURTLE Loom Review”!

And teaching your 5-year-old about hexagons.


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