Weave & Stitch Along – Week 1

It has been wonderful to see anticipation building up for this Weave & Stitch Along, and I hope that it will become a fun filled adventure that will end in a pocket full of new skills.

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The theme of Week 1 is to Getting Started and Explore! Acquaint yourself with the tools, try out different methods and materials, and tap into embroidery with the Running Stitch.



Click here to download this week’s WORKSHEET, and get started any time. Work at your own pace: You may be done in less than an hour or take all week or longer.



If you prefer, here is a VIDEO with detailed step-by-step instructions:

Questions … If you have any questions, please post them here, or on FB or Ravelry. You can also email me at gabi@texasgabi.com.

Your finished motif(s) … Please share pictures of your finished motif(s)! You can do so on FB, Ravelry, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Add the tag #WSAlong where applicable.

Feedback … May I ask for your feedback? Your comments will help to make the upcoming weeks even better. Tell me what works for you and what doesn’t in the comment section or email me at gabi@texasgabi.com

Prepare for Week 2 … I know it’s strange … we’re just starting, and here we’re talking about the next week! It may be useful to know in advance what you will need, just in case you don’t already have the supplies. For Week 2 you should be all set if you used the Getting Ready instructions … besides your loom with a new motif on it you will need two different colors for the embroidery (about 1 yard each) and the rubber bands.

Lastly … make sure to read about this week’s “Exit Strategy” in the worksheet …


Happy embroidering!


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