Father Gnome

Ladies first, with Mother’s Day in May, but now we have to think of the dads, too, for our June Gnome of the Month!

20180607_162707_resized (2)A big “thank you” goes out to all the Dad’s who take care of their families and raise their children.

How about something fun and adventurous for Father’s Day? A bike ride, maybe? Good enough for Father Gnome!

20180607_162614_resized (2)Follow the basic pattern instructions for the gnomes, but choose some of the father-to-be-celebrated favorite colors. Decorate the gnome with a patch from his favorite team or car brand.



Or try the TURTLE bike, here scaled to gnome size. It may become a favorite stuffed pocket toy for father’s little helper, too.

Looms in action for this project: Click on the loom names to learn more about the TexaTURTLE™, the original TURTLE Loom™, the TinyTURTLE™, and particularly the BabyTURTLE™ , which plays a “shiny” role in making the motorcycle!

The instructions for Father Gnome and his motorcycle are on Ravelry: Click here.

Happy Father’s Day!

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