Weave & Stitch Along – Week 3

I thought this week’s instructions would be short, but with two new stitches, on two looms, new tips and tricks, and not to forget the great Show-and-Tell … well, maybe next week will be short …


The theme of Week 3 is Flower Power! Learn the Lazy Daisy Stitch and the Straight Stitch to make a field of flowers, sprinkled with little (Lazy Daisy stitch) leaves. Be creative!

Let’s take a look at this week’s tools:

The Worksheet

20180617_152352_resized-crClick here to download the worksheet for Week 3  and get started any time. Work at your own pace: You may be done in less than an hour or take all week or longer.

The Video

The video contains detailed instructions for the two new stitches on both the hexagon and the square pin loom, as well as a new method to “anchor” your embroidery yarn/thread when you get started. And enjoy the Show-and-Tell from last week!

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, you will find Quick Access Timestamps as part of the video description … click here.


20180617_152456_resized-crFeedback … Please tell me one thing that you would like to see done differently. You can leave a comment in the comment section below or email me at gabi@texasgabi.com

20180617_152504_resized-crPrepare for Week 4 … You will need only one color of medium weight yarn/thread (like LionBrand Bonbons). I recommend black for traditional authenticity, but any other color will do also. You will need your rubber bands.

Lastly … make sure to read about this week’s “Exit Strategy” project in the worksheet …

While You Work on Your Embroidery …

May I suggest “Let it Grow” by Eric Clapton?

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