Weave & Stitch Along – Week 5

Whether you’ll be busy with BBQ and fireworks or not, I hope you’ll find some time this week to explore the Blanket and Buttonhole Stitch … and don’t miss our Charity Project!


We will look at a very pretty and practical stitch … 1 stitch with 3 applications … the Blanket or Buttonhole Stitch. I think this stitch is a life skill that goes beyond embroidery.

“Fabric Queen”by Joyce Williams


SPECIAL PROJECT: Let’s put what we learn to work right away … We have an opportunity to participate in a Charity Project where we will make a little buttoned purse for “Stitches of Love”. Stitches of Love is the volunteer group of the “Back-to-School Clothing Drive” , an organization who provides school clothes and unique accessories for needy children all across Arizona.



But first, take a look at this week’s tools:

The Worksheet

20180629_163550_resized-crClick here to download the worksheet for Week 5 and get started any time. Work at your own pace: You may be done in less than an hour or take all week or longer.

How to Weave a Buttonhole

You can find the instructions for weaving the buttonholes for this week here.

The Video

The video will walk you step by step through three applications of the Blanket or Buttonhole stitch, on both the hexagon and the square pin loom. When you need a break, watch the Show-and-Tell!

The Quick Access List in the video description provide easy access to specific content of the video as needed. Go to the Video Description.

 Give-Away Announcement

Congratulations to Nadine (Ravelry) and Roberta (Ravelry) who participated in the Week 4 Midterm challenge and will receive an embroidery pocket guide! If your name didn’t get drawn this time … there will be one more giveaway announced in Week 8 …
Happy weaving and stitching!


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