WSAL Week 6 – Thursday Mystery Challenge

Welcome to our second Weave & Stitch Along Mystery Challenge!

Before you start …

So that more people will have a chance to solve the mystery, I would like to ask all participants to not publicly share any information about their results until noon time US CDT on Saturday, July 14th. I know this may be difficult for some, but let’s please be good sports to others!

This mystery is optional and will not be needed to make the Weave & Stitch Along table topper (but you can use it if you want).

All you need to do is to follow the embroidery instructions below. Use the knowledge that you’ve learned about Cross Stitch this week.

If you have any questions or would like help, please send me a private message on FB or Ravelry (TexasGabi), or email me at


You will need a ready to embroider hexagon or square loom with a woven fabric on it like for the regular Weave & Stitch Along.

You will need small amounts of embroidery floss or thin yarn in seven different colors. You can substitute colors if you don’t have what’s listed.

The instructions are charted below. There are no written instructions, no photos, no video.

Work the Cross stitch over 1 thread only for best effects (like the “Little Heart” design). On the Zoom or square loom, you can work over 2 threads if you prefer.

Tip to get started: Find the center of the design and work the color that is charted the most, first.

The name of the design is “Silly”.

A note of encouragement: You may find this Mystery a little bit more challenging than the previous one. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t finish it all, or if you make mistakes. Partial results will count, too!

20180709_125740_resized (2)

The chart below is the same chart, but it has a few helping lines prepared for you:

20180709_130109_resized (2)

Post a picture after Saturday, noon time,  US CDT.

But most of all … Enjoy!

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