Weave & Stitch Along – Week 7 – Owling Around

We are going to learn the PADDED SATIN STITCH and the COUCHING STITCH and have some fun with a little owl, designed by Amber Vigil.

20180713_164711_resized_1 (2)

The Padded Satin Stitch covers areas of any shape and size, and the Couching Stitch “ties down” whatever you want to lie down, in our case some extra thread cushioning. Both stitches will add a nice 3-D effect to our owl design. I want to thank Amber Vigil for the inspiration for this cutie!

Let’s take a look at this week’s tools:

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The Worksheet

Click here to download the worksheet for Week 7 and get started any time. Work at your own pace: You may be done in less than an hour or take all week or longer.

The Video

The video will walk you step by step through working the owl design.  When you need a break, watch the Show-and-Tell!

The Quick Access List in the video description provide easy access to specific content of the video as needed. Go to the Video Description.


But there’s more … Don’t miss these … 

Exit Strategy

Yes, we have one more project suggestion in the worksheet if you want to gracefully bail out …

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Working Towards the Final Project

If you like virtual company and/or seek encouragement to weave some extra motifs for your final project, Sue’s “Pin Loom Weaving Support Group 2018 Tour de Weave” on Facebook is now in full swing. But don’t worry if you don’t get to do any extra weaving … You will have plenty of time and options to work on your final project … more on that next week!

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