Weave & Stitch Along – Week 6

It takes two ‘R’s to do the ‘X’-Stitch …

You may have heard of the “three ‘R’s” of elementary teaching: Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic. Until learning about its origin, it puzzled me that instructors used this grammatically poor phrase to explain something so important: Reading, writing, and arithmetic. Despite of the irony of the phrase those three skills have been the foundation to education for hundreds of years.

This week, we will pick up on this tradition and use reading and rithmetic (aka counting) to do some CROSS STITCH.

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Cross Stitch is often referred to as one of the most versatile embroidery stitches, and it is treated as a class of its own. We will be learning the basics of Cross Stitch, working the letter “J” for July, accompanied with a “Little Heart”.  I will share some tips and tricks to ensure that the Cross stitches all go in the same direction, and we will read a Cross stitch chart.

Let’s take a look at this week’s tools:

The Worksheet

Click here to download the worksheet for Week 6 and get started any time. Work at your own pace: You may be done in less than an hour or take all week or longer.

The Video

The video will walk you step by step through working the “J” and the “Little Heart” design.  When you need a break, watch the Show-and-Tell!

The Quick Access List in the video description provide easy access to specific content of the video as needed. Go to the Video Description.

But there’s more … Don’t miss these … 

Thursday Mystery Challenge

We have another Mystery Challenge this week! On Thursday, come back here to find the instructions. It’s an optional extra little thing to do and have fun …

Week 7

For Week 7 you will need some medium to thick threads/yarns. A natural variety will make it authentic, but any combination of four colors will do the job. Also, hold off on weaving the fabric until you see what we’ll be doing …

Working Towards the Final Project

If you like virtual company and/or seek encouragement to weave some extra motifs for your final project, Sue’s “Pin Loom Weaving Support Group 2018 Tour de Weave” on Facebook is now in full swing. But don’t worry if you don’t get to do any extra weaving … You will have plenty of time and options to work on your final project … we will talk about this in Week 8. Stay tuned!





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