Weave & Stitch Along Bonus – “The Lost Sheep”

20180713_170452_resized_1-crSince Week 3 I’ve been wanting to do the FRENCH KNOT, but there was either not enough time or already so much other stuff going on … hence “The Lost Sheep”.

It seems incomplete to have the Weave & Stitch Along without this wonderful stitch that does not only make a perfect sheep fleece, but is one of the most used stitches to add accents, and not just for flowers. Therefore … here’s a mini bonus session just for that one stitch.

The bonus is completely optional, you will not need it for the final project (unless you want to).


Let’s take a look at the tools:


The Worksheet

 Click here to download the worksheet for “The Lost Sheep” . 

The Video

The video will walk you step by step through working some French Knots … (and yes, I know about the “pizza egg”):


Happy crafting!
… See you on Monday for the final Week 8

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