Come and See – (3) Leafy Scarf

20180816_165145_resized-crWhen I asked Caryn at the Yarnivore about worsted weight gradient or long-run-colored yarns I received a list of the most scrumptious options like Cascade 220 Wave, Melilla, Tangier, Pinwheel, Encore Colorspun, and several indie dyed like Mountain Colors Twizzle … oh choices!


After seeing a knitted sample, I was particularly curious about “uneek” worsted by urth yarns and followed Moses’s recommendation to try color 4003, which has lots of pretty purples. One skein makes a scarf.

To get into the mood for the upcoming autumn season I designed a “leafy scarf”, using the Elongon™ 2″ elongated hexagon pin loom. The pattern is beginner friendly, but due to the color development of the yarn it is an exciting, not-put-down-able project for the experienced weaver, too.

To make it even better you simply use the weaving ends in a certain way to sew everything together: Little to no waste, the sewing and weaving-in ends are one step, and the sewing colors are guaranteed to match the current color run. It’s a keeper.

Check out “uneek” or any of the other yarn options this Saturday and pickup your Elongon™ 2″ loom kit. For a limited time you can find free tips about making this scarf here on Ravelry.

Mark your calendar:
August 25th, 2018
noon – 4 pm


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