Come and See – (2) Car Seat Baby Blanket

20180816_162701_resized-crI love yarns that are put-up in “cakes”. The colors are guaranteed to work together, it’s fun to weave instantly off that “one big thing”, it’s exciting to work towards the next color to come, it’s a mystery to the end to know how many hexagons you actually will get in each color.

Needless to say that I was delighted to find the Plymouth Yarn Hot Cakes at the Yarnivore.  Since I had not used that particular type of cake I was curious to find out what I could make out of one cake. I picked up Color 0002 Rainbow Mix and started my weaving journey, using the original TURTLE Loom™,  with a happy baby/toddler coverlet in mind.


For the assembly I began with a hexagon in the center, and then kept adding around that until the cake hexagons were used up. The result is a one-of-its-kind and fun car seat blanket that measures 31.5″ at the widest points. I’m very pleased with it. From here you can of course keep adding on if you want a larger blanket, for example if you want the blanket to grow along with the little recipient.

Take a look at all the different color runs of Hot Cakes and decide which “theme” you want to pick: A certain color run, “autumn”, or – like me – just because it looks pretty!

Can you make other things than random patterns with cakes? Absolutely! Our popular Sheep Blanket was made using cakes, and we’ll bring that to the trunk show, too.



Come and see the “one cake car seat blanket” at the Yarnivore (directions) on August 25th, 2018 from noon to 4 pm!


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