Last Minute Halloween “Treat”

The surprise works, trust us!

The one-hexagon-mouse-with-ears from our October Gnome is turning into a popular hit, and it is not too late to whip up one or some in time so that you can add a little scare to your candy cauldron on Halloween night. Just be careful … some trick-or-treaters may prefer “mouse” over “chocolate”!

20181014_181110_resized_LI (2)

Here’s how to make a mouse:

  • Dig into your stash and look for 6 yards of gray, preferably fuzzy yarn (wool, or soft acrylics will work, too).
  • Grab your Original TURTLE Loom™ and weave a hexagon.
  • Secure the starting tail. Do not clip or weave in … this will serve as the tail.
  • Fold the hexagon in half as shown, then use the ending tail to sew along the sides as indicated.
  • Stuff slightly with stuffing of your choice before closing completely.
  • Use some black thread to embroider two French Knots as eyes or sew on two small black beads.

More detailed mouse instructions on Ravelry, click here.

“Serve” the mouse on top of some candy, preferably in dimmed, maybe candle light.



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