Happy November, Y’Owl!

Autumn is in full swing, and we want to add an owl to it. Let’s do that with the new Caron x Pantone …

We think very highly of Pantone™, who provides an “universal language of color”. See for example our project, the woven lace basket in our “Pantone and Lace” blog, earlier this year.

20181101_161213_resizedIt seemed impossible to not try the new Yanrspirations™ “Caron® x Pantone™”  on the TURTLE looms when it was released as a Michaels exclusive a few months ago!


Finding a project was a delightful challenge, and in the end a popular, traditional owl quilt seemed to have just the right properties to translate well into the Caron x Pantone color combinations.

We used the TinyTURTLE™ loom. You will get about a dozen hexagons for each color, which makes it a good amount of hexagons to play with for many designs.

20181101_161905_resized (2)We used “Fuchsia Foliage” for the project, and “Coconut Cream” for the background. The pattern can be used for any of the other color combinations as well, here is a suggestion for a “winter owl” in “Purple Pops”.

20181102_102734_resized (2)The owl is “framed” by an irregular border to add a playful character, optionally finished with one row of single crochet. With a size 22″ x 22″ this makes a great newborn blanket or car seat cover, or a comfort blanket for a toddler. It could also be a pretty autumn wall hanging, throw pillow, or just add more hexagons to make it anything you want. For a real challenge, make six owls, maybe even in different color combinations, and turn them into a bed spread!

Detailed free instructions for this project are on Ravelry, click here.

If you don’t yet have the TinyTURTLE™ loom, get it here.

Remember to use #turtleloom when you post pictures of your projects on social media!

Happy Fall, Y’All, and happy weaving!



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