The Cat Ate the Gnome!

20181015_170234_resized (2)Meet Cat Gnome, our gnome of the month October. Since she still looks like a cat, rumors have it that she ate the October gnome and now comes in disguise, like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, to go for the neon mice, a delicate treat only available during the month of October.

Ok, maybe we got a little bit carried away on this gnome story, but we of course needed something spooky for Halloween.

20181014_170212_resized (3)We used Paintbox Simply Aran for this gnome, the neon colors are simply perfect for something attention getting. And if you already have the TURTLE Loom Combo II you are ready to go. We used the TexaTURTLE™, the original TURTLE Loom™, and the TinyTURTLE™.

20181014_181747_resizedThe mice are one-hexagon-mice-with-ears on the TinyTURTLE™ loom. Make one in minutes!

Tip: Many fellow weavers are always on the lookout for some quick pet toys. Make the mouse on the original TURTLE Loom™, add a little cat nip, and you have a perfectly sized toy mouse.  The picture shows the TinyTURTLE™ mice in comparison with a (rather realistic looking) mouse made on the original TURTLE Loom™. Make it on the TexaTURTLE™ … and you actually get a rat.

20181015_170920_resized (2)

The instructions are available free of charge on Ravelry, CLICK HERE.

Happy Halloween, all y’all!


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